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Brent & Keland Wallace: Neora Independent Brand Partners

Brent & Keland Wallace: Neora Independent Brand Partners

Neora Independent Brand Partners: Brent & Keland Wallace

nerium-logo-teal-32Neora Independent Brand Partners

We help people to look and feel better about themselves with the world’s leading anti-aging cosmetics and supplements from Neora International. Neora is the world’s fastest growing direct sales company that develops and manufactures patented, non-duplicatable anti aging products for your your mind, face, and body that work! All Neora products offer long term anti-aging protection, help with prevention, are fully guaranteed and are backed by science.

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Brent Wallace: Neora Independent Brand Partner

Brent Wallace: Brand Partner

Brent Wallace

I have been fortunate to live in the beautiful state of Oregon my entire life. I am especially fond of Central Oregon’s High Desert area in and around Bend. I love the mountains, lakes, streams and the natural beauty of the outdoors.

I have a gorgeous daughter who is a fantastic mother to my only grandson Andrew. I thank God for reconnecting me with Keland, my first love from Jr. High, who is still the love of my life. I am so fortunate to have been born into a loving, caring, and incredible family. Life is great and continues to get better. Have an awesome day & God Bless!

Call me: Brent: (541) 389-9990

Keland Wallace: Brand Partner

Keland Wallace: Brand Partner

Keland Wallace (Scott)

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Call me: Keland: (541) 728-1473

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