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Nerium International is now “Neora”

Nerium International has changed its name to Neora™ as part of a global rebrand.

Neora™ reflects the company’s evolution as a relationship marketer and vision as an anti-aging industry leader.

Neora announced the change during its “History in the Making” event on January 10th, 2019. The transition to Neora became official back on February 1st, 2019. The new Neora has a new, fresh, modern look as well as an improved, forward-thinking compensation plan that rewards its Independent Brand Partners for building their businesses and acquiring customers.

“Neora represents a new beginning for us as a company,” says Neora Founder & CEO Jeff Olson. “We’re taking all of the experience we’ve gained in the previous seven years, hitting the reset button, and creating something even better.”

When Nerium International launched in 2011, the company name was associated with an ingredient (nerium oleandrin extract) in its first product. Now that the company has expanded internationally to offer a wide range of holistic innovative age-fighting skincare and wellness products that use advanced technology, the name no longer applies.

“Neora” is symbolic of a new aura, or new energy, and represents a more comprehensive direction the company is taking in its product offerings and global expansion. “The new name of Neora better describes what we are as a company now, and where we expect to go in the next several years,” Olson says. “We have evolved into a company that is so much more than one ingredient.”

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